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The Lawyer Marketing Book

A comprehensive resource on lawyer marketing

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The Lawyer Marketing Book (TLMB) is a great read for both experienced attorneys as well as those entering the practice of law. In fact, some say it’s a must read for any lawyer competing for clients in today’s legal market.

There are four things that make TLMB unique.  First, it’s interesting and engaging. TLMB uses real-life stories of other private practitioners to highlight the best and worst marketing decisions and strategies. Second, it’s comprehensive.  At 300 pages, it covers everything from specific strategies for making the phone ring, to training intake personnel and negotiating with vendors, to measuring ROI.  Third, it’s written by a true pro in the industry.  Matt Starosciak has nearly two decades of experience on all sides of the law firm marketing process, including work as a lawyer, marketing product sales rep, and consultant to some of the nation’s top law firms.

Finally, TLMB provides takeaways on every page that can be implemented by attorneys today to improve their success in the practice of law.  To read excerpts from The Lawyer Marketing Book, click here. The cost of the book is $30 plus $3 shipping.


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About the Author

When it comes to law firm marketing, Matt Starosciak has done it all. Since 2011, he has managed the marketing strategies for some of the nation’s top law firms. For eight years prior to that, he was a top sales rep for one of the largest law firm marketing product vendors in the U.S. And early in his career, he practiced law in both small and large firm environments. Over the years, Matt has enjoyed a front row seat to thousands of decisions related to law firm client development, including those related to product purchases, campaign implementation, intake protocol, ROI evaluation, and more. Read more...

Matt Starosciak


What readers have said about The Lawyer Marketing Book

  • Comprehensive, clear, and concise. Finally a marketing book for the modern law practice

    - Bill Stemberger
    Stemberger & Cummins, P.C.
  • If you want to master the skills necessary to effectively market your law practice, this book is a must read.

    - Morgan Nickols
    Former Vice President of Sales
  • The Lawyer Marketing Book will no doubt become the leading business development resource for attorneys in private practice.

    - Jeff Heller
    J.M. Heller, Attorney at Law, P.C.
  • It’s difficult to imagine a book that covers the process of law firm marketing in such an exceptional way, but that’s exactly what Matt Starosciak has written.

    - Lisa Siegel
    Lisa Smith Siegel, Attorney at Law

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Your Clients Don’t Think Like You

“The record shows I took the blows and did it my way.”
Frank Sinatra

One of the fastest ways to fail at marketing is to start making decisions based on what would resonate with you.

Would you drink nine beers and get behind the wheel? Would you go into business with a neighbor you barely know? Would you slap your receptionist’s butt at the holiday party to thank her for her hard work over the past year?

These are the questions I ask when a client tells me that the marketing message we are considering is not what they would find compelling. The reality is that your clients don’t think like you think. Read more...